A Complete Solution for Deploying and Managing Containerized Apps, on any Server.

Pain-Free Kubernetes Deployments

Cloud 66 Maestro builds and manages Kubernetes clusters on your own servers, deploys your application to the cluster and gives you all the tools you need to scale, monitor and maintain your application on your own servers or on any cloud.


Much more than just containers

Native Databases

Native support for deployment of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, InfluxDB, Memcached and RabbitMQ natively and outside containers.

Backed by Kubernetes

Setup Kubernetes clusters on any cloud under your own account in minutes and scale it up to multiple servers in seconds.


Log collectors for all containers and other components of your application, shell into servers and containers directly from the web UI.


Git controlled configuration of any component using templates and their native configuration files.


Secure and fast overlay network for containers and non-container services in the stack.


Switch between availability zones, regions and cloud providers using FailoverGroups.


Collect and measure server and container vital signs in the UI. Setup alerts based on thresholds.


Active monitoring of OS and containers for known vulnerabilities and preventing servers from brute-force attacks.

Application Firewall

Application-aware firewall that dynamically adapts to infrastructure and application changes.

Your Servers or Ours

Nothing to install, nothing to configure


Sign up and get started in minutes. The simplest and most cost efficient way to run container based applications in the cloud.


Run Cloud 66 Maestro on your cloud servers, with full control over security and location. Best of both worlds!


behind your firewall for full control, security and integration with your existing systems.

The Complete Solution

Your application is more than just containers

Whether your application is made up of one or many services, it needs more than just containers to operate: There are databases to backup, firewalls to configure, load balancers to setup, metrics to monitor, logs to watch and traffic to trace.

Cloud 66 Maestro is an integrated hosted solution that enables both developers and system operators in your team to come together and build, deploy and maintain your application to any server on any cloud.

Devs and Ops in Harmony

A single tool built for both Devs and Ops

Devs: Focus on Code

Define how your application is built and deployed without worrying about infrastructure configuration and complexities.

Ops: Focus on Infrastructure

Control how applications are deployed, services are used and infrastructure is configured without worrying about different workload types.

Devs: Use What You Want

Break applications into multiple services, use any database you need, add new services to your applications when you want them.

Ops: Control What's Important

Keep the lights on, protect the infrastructure against attacks, high traffic and surges and define how services should be provided to applications.

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