Convenience of Heroku without the cost

Heroku can get very expensive. Hiring a DevOps team is even more costly. Cloud 66 is like your own DevOps team, with a fraction of the costs.

Choose the cloud that's best for you

Run your application on your own server. With all the cloud providers around, why should you be locked into Heroku just because you love the convenience.

Lower your server cost

Running on your own servers means lowering you server costs by up to 80% when compared to Heroku. Hiring DevOps, SREs, DBAs or other 3-letter acronyms aren't cheap. External consultants come, build and go, leaving you with a blackbox that’s going to turn into another issue soon.

On top of that, you can use your AWS Reserved Instances or Google Cloud Committed Use discounts or any other discounts or free credits you have from any cloud provider.

Scale in minutes

Scaling servers, replicating databases and adding load balancers, SSL certificates and traffic management shouldn't take days.

You can host your application starting with a single small server on DigitalOcean and grow to hundreds of servers on AWS or Azure when you need to.

No SREs. No DBAs. Simple like ABC.

Site Reliability Engineers or Database Administrators? ELB, NLB or ALB? It seems 3-letter acronyms are everywhere. We think you should take control of your own servers on any cloud without having to break the bank on hiring DevOps teams.

Magical without the magic

We like magic, but not in our servers

Cloud 66 builds and configures your servers, just as your DevOps team would have done. We don't install proprietary software or drop a 800-pound Kubernetes gorilla on your servers to run your application.

You can think of us as your own DevOps team that's always on your side. We're not a consultancy, and we don't charge you by the hour, deliver a complex solution for your and forget about you when the project is done.

Blue, Green, and everything in between

Blue/Green deployments, Canary releases, Zero downtime deployments, Automatic server updates and more.
Much more

You need web servers, database servers, firewalls, load balancers, traffic management, logs, shell access to your servers, backups, database replication, failover management and more to run your business.

We've got you covered.

Works on Heroku?
It works on Cloud 66!

No Dockerfile, No Buildpacks, No custom scripts. It just works!

You won't be needing our help to migrate to Cloud 66. Just connect your Git repo to Cloud 66 and add your cloud provider and click deploy.
But, if you ever need our help, our team is always on hand to help.

See the difference

See why thousands of companies have been using Cloud 66 since 2012

Cloud 66Heroku
Any language
with buildpacks
Any framework
with buildpacks
Any database
including external paid services
Any cloud
Deploy history and rollbacks
Continuous deployment
Automatic SSL certificates
Shell access
Bring your own certificate
Persistent storage
Network configuration
Deploy previews
Blue Green deployment
Canary releases
Zero downtime deployments
Non-web traffic load balancing
VPN access
Infrastructure labelling
Deployment approvals
Database verified backups
Web Application Firewall
External endpoint monitoring
Service accounts
You're in good company
River Island
Epic Games
Discovery Channel

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