We cover your entire stack


Network Access Control

Powerful firewall management

Brute force Protection

Brute-force attack detection and prevention

Load Balancer

Web load balancing for containers and servers with SSL termination

Web Servers

Provisioning and continuous deployment of your application to all your servers

Backend Server

Monitored background workers with simple scaling and monitoring

Database Servers

Provisioned, monitored, and backed up databases with replication and clustering

  • Our experience with Cloud 66 has been astounding. We can concentrate on development without worrying about deployments or ops costs, while still maintaining fine-grained control of our servers if we need it!

    Alex Tharp Alex Tharp, Career Builder
  • Cloud 66 eliminated the need for DevOps altogether and allowed us to just focus on our core business

    Alan Downie Alan Downie, BugHerd
  • Our servers are now secure, up to date and backed up. Happy Devs and Ops all around.

    websmmit Niall Paterson, Web Summit
  • Click a button and you have another load balanced frontend server. Another click and you have more backend processes.

    Bryan Mahoney Bryan Mahoney, GoDynamo
  • I'm really glad I heard about Cloud 66. They provide an amazing service any developer could fall in love with.

    Alex Tharp Jacob Nicholson, HostingAdvice

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