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A Service to Build, Deploy & Manage
your apps on your own servers.

The Perfect Spot Between Devs and Ops


Focus on your app and its requirements. Bring in any service you like as if it's a socket on the wall.


Let developers use what they need. Apply your configuration and policies to services and apps.

Cloud 66 for Frameworks

Running Rails, Rack or Node Apps?

Cloud 66 for Containers

We give you the complete container toolchain

Skycap is a complete CI/CD pipeline for containers. You can simply bring your own existing images and deploy them with Maestro.

Maestro is a full container management service. Once your images are ready we'll take care of the containers.

Used and trusted by

  • Bug Herd
  • Baremetrics
  • Smart Things
  • Web Summit
  • Brewbot
  • CareerBuilder
  • Slate Studio
  • Airwave
  • Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
  • Robots and Pencils
  • Influitive
  • Oxfam
Alex Tharp

“Our experience with Cloud66 has been astounding. We can concentrate on development without worrying about deployments or ops costs, while still maintaining fine-grained control of our servers if we need it!”

Alex Tharp, CareerBuilder

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