The Complete Container Toolchain

A complete solution for building, running and maintaining containerized apps in production.


Skycap is a complete CI pipeline for containers.

Container Native CI Pipeline

BuildGrid is a complete Container native continuous integration build pipeline to turn your code into container images in a reliable and traceable way.

Complete with git integration, support for multi-stepped builds and an amazingly simple and flexible UI, it is the best way to turn code to images.

Building multiple images with BuildGrid on Cloud 66

Full Access Control

You can lockdown builds and deployments for your team or require separate approval from team members.

Fine-grained team access control helps you manage your CI/CD pipeline under control for each project and team member. Multiple organization memberships let you organize your team best.

Editing NGINX configuration file in Cloud 66

Deployment Integration

Fully and seamlessly integrated with Cloud 66 Maestro, Skycap enables you to take your code all the way to production in containers.

Every build and deployment is recorded in an intuitive timeline, with complete information from git commit to deployment logs from servers.

Skycap Pricing

Editing NGINX configuration file in Cloud 66


Maestro is a full container management service,
backed by Kubernetes.

Cloud 66 Fiewall

Power of Kubernetes

Maestro combines ease of use of a PaaS, power and robustness of Kubernetes and the tools you need to run your applications on any cloud provider or server.

From a single container to thousandas of servers, running Kubernetes in production has never been easier.

Cloud 66 Fiewall

Fully Configurable

Configure your familiar tools the way you are familiar with.

Version controlled, templatized configuration files for all your favorite tools rolled out on each server with full control puts you in charge of every detail.

Databases and More

Infrastructure is not just containers. Cloud 66 gives you full and native support for your favorite databases and non-database services.

It helps you achieve high availability and disaster recovery with fully managed and verified DB backups and replication out of the box.

One Platform for Devs and Ops

Together, Skycap and Maestro provide you with seamlessly integrated tools for both Developers and Operations. It is a complete solution for building, running and maintaining containerized applications in production.

Cloud 66 Dashboard

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