Like Netlify
but on any cloud

Benefit from your cloud providers infrastructure, combine your static and dynamic web sites under a single platform, and enjoy all of Cloud 66's features without extra cost.

Choose the cloud that's best for you

Deploy static websites on your own cloud provider based on regions, speed and availability.

Everything included

Teams, CI/CD git integration, traffic control rules, SSL certificates, and more. All included without extra charges.

All features included for $1.99 per site per month (plus your cloud provider's traffic costs).

All frameworks welcome

From Jekyll to React, you can deploy any static or dynamic web site with Cloud 66.

Designed to be simple
Built to be flexible

See your visitors with LiveLogs, guide them with Traffic Rules

Block {
when: origin.country_code == "GB" ||
family == "Chrome",
message: "Access blocked",

Redirect {
from: "^/",
to: "/mobile/apple/",
with: permanent,
when: == "iOS"

Header {
add: {
"ASN": origin.asn,
"LATITUDE": origin.latitude,
"LONGITUDE": origin.longitude,
"TIMEZONE": origin.timezone,
"COUNTRY": origin.country_code

Make apps and sites work together

Integrate static sites and your applications for a better user experience for your customers

React frontend and a Rust backend? Vue.js mixed with Rails? No problem! Deploy your apps and sites with a single command and to the best cloud that works for them.

Works on Netlify?
It works on Cloud 66!

No Dockerfile, No Buildpacks, No custom scripts. It just works!

You won't be needing our help to migrate to Cloud 66. Just connect your Git repo to Cloud 66 and add your cloud provider and click deploy.
But, if you ever need our help, our team is always on hand to help.

See the difference

See why thousands of companies have been using Cloud 66 since 2012

Cloud 66Netlify
Any framework
Deploy history and rollbacks
Continuous deployment
Charged per git committer
Charged per member
Deploy previews
Automatic SSL certificates
Any cloud
CEL based Traffic Rules
Live traffic logs
All inclusive pricing
Service accounts
You're in good company
River Island
Epic Games
Discovery Channel

Ready to Deploy Happy?