Your Own Private PaaS

A Service that builds and runs your own private Heroku on your servers on any cloud.

Keep the Convenience, Drop the Costs

We all start with a PaaS like Heroku. However, sooner or later we grow out of it. Cloud 66 combines the convenience of Heroku with flexibility and control of running your own servers.


Use the Cloud to its Fullest Potential

Any Cloud

Native integration with AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and more under your own account.

Framework Specific

Native support for Rails and other Rack based frameworks, Node.js and full support for Docker based applications.

Use What You Like

Use the natively supported MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch or bring in whatever you like in your app.

Startup Credits

Cloud 66 runs on your own cloud account so you can use your AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure or Google Cloud startup credit with your cloud provider.

Pay as You Grow

No annual contracts with clear pricing that grows as your business grows.

Friendly Community

Cloud 66 has been helping thousands startups since 2012 to build, deploy and maintain their server to power their business.

Future-Proof Your Infrastructure

Cloud 66 is built by developers for developers. We wanted build our infrastructure once and built it right. That's why we built Cloud 66 to grow with your business instead of being a temporary place for your applications.

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