All Clients,
One Tool

Build, Manage and Maintain Infrastructure and Apps for all of your clients in a single place.

Flexibility For Your Clients, Simplicity For You

From public cloud to colocated servers, let your clients choose where to host their application. Cloud 66 provides you with a complete toolchain to deploy and maintain your applications on any cloud or server.


Any Client, Any Cloud, One Tool

Any Server

Seamless support for AWS, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode, Azure or your own servers.

Built for Teams

Full control over team member access rights for each client or project they are working on.

Itemized Billing

Bill breakdown per client, environment, project and application.

Framework Specific

Native support for Rails and other Rack based frameworks, Node.js and full support for Docker based applications.

Audit Records

Audit log for every action from deployment to access to servers by team member, IP address and full timestamp.

Fantastic Support

Direct access to infrastructure engineers when you need help with onboarding a new client or try a new technology.

Reduce Hosting and Ops Bills

Cloud 66 can reduce your hosting and operations bills by around 60%. Compared to Heroku, you get to host your applications on any cloud provider, benefit from their competitive pricing and still keep everything simple.

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