From commit to production in minutes

Cloud 66 gives you everything you need to build, deploy and maintain your applications on any cloud, without the headache of the “server stuff”



Connect your git repository

Connect your repo to get started

Connect git Repository

Connect your cloud

Connect with your own cloud provider account

Connect git Cloud

Press Go!

Your code is read and analyzed for the best server setup, your servers are created, load balancers configured and databases deployed.


After the initial setup and deployment, you can deploy your application manually or automatically with every git commit.

You can choose from different deployment and rollout strategies.



Data can live in databases or as files in a storage system. Cloud 66 builds, configures and manages your databases and file storage servers for your application.

  • Backups
  • Replication
  • File Storage Clusters
  • Disk Space Monitoring
  • Log Viewer


External and internal traffic is managed and monitored with firewalls deployed outside and inside your servers. Access to your application can be controlled with Web Application Firewalls.

  • Dynamic Firewalls
  • WAF Rules
  • Failover Stacks
  • OWASP Traffic Filters
  • CDN Integration
  • SSL Management


Deep integration with your git repository makes it easy to build an automated continued integration and deployment pipeline for any application.

  • Git Integration
  • Security Alerts
  • Server Protection

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