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Deploy to Kubernetes with Confidence

Deploying applications to Kubernetes can be tricky. Building images. Writing Kubernetes config files. Securing the cluster & images. Controlling different versions of your services with each deployment.

Skycap is the easiest way to deploy and run applications on any existing Kubernetes cluster.

All the Way From Code to Cluster

Build Images, Generate Configuration Files and Deploy Them Anywhere

From a single node running on your laptop to a 200 server cluster managed by your favorite cloud provider, Skycap is the easiest way to deploy your applications to any Kubernetes cluster. It knows how to take care of everything you need to deploy your application. From code to Kubernetes, confidently and safely every time.

Build Your Code or Bring Your Images

With a highly optimized BuildGrid, Skycap can build container images directly from your git repository. Alternatively, you can bring your own pre-built images pulled from your Docker image Registry.

Your Infrastructure Time Machine

Any change in your code, images or configuration is captured in Snapshots and stored in git. So you can move forward or rollback as you wish.

Keeping Your Secrets Safe

All applications have secrets: passwords, API or SSH keys. Skycap lets you store them in Vault and renders them into your templates without exposing them to everyone.

You can use native Kubernetes secret management and store secrets in git without concern.

Managed Complexity

Configuration You Know, Simplicity You Deserve.

Stencils are a git-backed library of configuration files. Put together by you and used by developers in your team. All written in pure Kubernetes syntax.

apiVersion: v1
kind: Secret
    name: mysecret
type: Opaque
    password: ${vault("/production/password")}
apiVersion: apps/v1
kind: Deployment
  name: ${service}
        app: ${service}
      - name: ${name}
        image:  ${concat(image["name"], ":", image["tag"])}
        - containerPort: ${require("port")}
        - name: SECRET_PASSWORD
              name: mysecret
              key: password

Works With Helm

Helm is a Kubernetes package manager. It's best suited for installing third party applications on a Kubernetes cluster.

You can use Helm to deploy all or part of your application or other third party components.

Mix & match Helm charts & Stencils to benefit from both solutions.

Enforce Policies

Let your team use native Kubernetes format while stopping bad configuration from breaking the cluster for everyone.

  • Minor version upgrades only
  • Ban use of latest in image
  • Ban IP address change

Transparent Modifications

Apply broad modifications like adding sidecars to your configuration files without the added "magic".

All changes are stored back into git and can be reviewed and approved.

Configure Once, Deploy Many Times

One of the most powerful features of Skycap is Formations.

Formations are deployment destinations you can use to deploy the same application to multiple clusters. Production, staging, test etc.

Deploy a full stack for each git branch or each developer in your team. Without having configuration nightmares.


$3.99 / Service per month

120 Free build minutes included per month
Above that, there is an over quota charge of $0.03 per minute.

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