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Managed Kubernetes Infrastructure

Maestro builds and manages Kubernetes clusters for you. It's a Kubernetes-backed PaaS that can be deployed on any cloud or your own server.

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Developer Friendly Ops

Write Code in Any Language, Deploy it to Any Cloud.

VM's and Containers

Kubernetes-backed PaaS on your oven server

Maestro is what Heroku could have been. The best developer experience on your own servers.

It provides PaaS functionality, backed by Kubernetes, with the control and flexibility of deploying to the cloud of your choice.

Maestro works with all major cloud providers as well as your own servers, no matter where they are. Deploy to AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, Google Cloud, Linode, Packet and more.

Use any Language or Framework

Maestro is the perfect option to deploy any application that has a Dockerfile to any cloud or server.

It builds a Kubernetes cluster on your servers, builds your code into Docker images, takes care of databases, firewalls, and network for your applications.

Deploy Django, Laravel, Rails, Meteor, Express, Flask, Cake PHP. All of your favorite frameworks are supported as long as you have a Dockerfile.

VM's and Containers

VMs + Containers

Your application is not just code. It uses databases, storage and perhaps queues and message buses.

Maestro takes care of building and maintaining it all. By building and providing the best managed databases outside containers and on your own servers.

Speed up deployments with Maestro Clusters

Native Kubernetes clusters built, managed and maintained on your own servers by Maestro. A cluster can be on any cloud or your own servers (or both), from one to hundreds of servers.

Maestro runs a clean upstream Kubernetes, where you can scale its capacity up and down, or upgrade it with a simple to use dashboard.

Debugging Made Easy

Maestro is full of features that make debugging containerized applications easier.

LiveLogs from servers, services or containers. Direct terminal access to servers and running containers. Launch a debug instance of your services to see how they behave in real world. All of this will help you to find bugs faster.

Get Started with Maestro

Deploy Any Application to Any Cloud in 6 Simple Steps

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I deploy any app with Maestro?

Yes, you can. Maestro is a perfect option to quickly and easily deploy any application (any language. any framework) that has a Dockerfile.

How do ProductHunt credits work?

You will be given a fixed amount of credits to be used over the 6-month period. We will start you charging when you run out of credits or if the promo code expires.

What is Maestro pricing?

We charge $14.99 / server per month. Additionally, you have 120 free build minutes included each month. Above that, there is an over quota charge of $0.03 per minute.

What happens to my server if I cancel?

You can cancel your account at any time without penalty or hassle. Your server stays intact, you just won't be able to use Cloud 66 to deploy your app or manage your server anymore.

Does Cloud 66 provide servers for me?

No, we don't provide servers. Instead, we allow you to bring any cloud. We take care of deployments, management, and maintenance of your apps.

Do I pay extra for more people?

No. We offer unlimited team member feature. 1 or 50 users, the price is the same.

How can I qualify for the ProducHunt perk?

Get $500 Free credits for 6 months. This applies to Product Hunters & new Cloud 66 customers. Sign up for a new account & enter
promo code: ProductHunt20 in account settings.

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