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Managed Containerized Infrastructure

Maestro builds and manages Kubernetes clusters for you on your own servers on any cloud.

Developer Friendly Ops

Write Code in Any Language, Deploy it to Any Cloud.

Maestro is what Heroku could have been. The best developer experience on your own servers. It builds a Kubernetes cluster on your servers, builds your code into Docker images, takes care of databases, firewalls and network for your applications on any cloud.

VM's and Containers

VMs + Containers

Your application is not just code. It uses databases, storage and perhaps queues and message buses.

Maestro takes care of building and maintaining it all. By building and providing the best managed databases outside containers and on your own servers.

Secure at Every Level

Maestro's security features don't stop at servers and code. Many security breaches happen because of human error.

That's why Maestro has security built-in at every level. Including support for 2FA logins and FIDO U2F keys. Suspicious activity monitoring, audit logs, and great team management functionality.

Debugging Made Easy

Maestro is full of features that make debugging containerized applications easier.

LiveLogs from servers, services or containers. Direct terminal access to servers and running containers. Launch a debug instance of your services to see how they behave in real world. All of this will help you to find bugs faster.

Any Cloud, Anywhere

Maestro works with all major cloud providers as well as your own servers, no matter where they are.

Applications deployed with Maestro can be moved across different cloud providers, with little downtime. No need to worry about the details of each provider.

Deploy to AWS, DigitalOcean, Azure, Google Cloud, Linode, Packet and more.


$14.99 / server per month.

120 Free build minutes included per month.
Above that, there is an over quota charge of $0.03 per minute.

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