Convenience of Heroku without the cost

Heroku can get very expensive. Hiring a DevOps team is even more costly. Cloud 66 is like your own DevOps team, with a fraction of the costs.

Choose the cloud that's best for you

Run your application on your own server. With all the cloud providers around, why should you be locked into Heroku just because you love the convenience.

Lower your server cost

Running on your own servers means lowering you server costs by up to 80% when compared to Heroku. Hiring DevOps, SREs, DBAs or other 3-letter acronyms aren't cheap. External consultants come, build and go, leaving you with a blackbox that’s going to turn into another issue soon.

Scale in minutes

Scaling servers, replicating databases and adding load balancers, SSL certificates and traffic management shouldn’t take days.

No SREs. No DBAs. Simple like ABC.

Site Reliability Engineers or Database Administrators? ELB, NLB or ALB? It seems 3-letter acronyms are everywhere. We think you should take control of your own servers on any cloud without having to break the bank on hiring DevOps teams.

Ready to Deploy Happy?