An easy deploy tool for Node

Cloud 66 for Node provides an all-in-one build and orchestration engine to deploy apps with the ease of a single click. We remove the barriers to deployment, with a customizable deployment process to suit your workload.

Doing this involves 3 easy steps: you give us access to your code, we assess the configuration of your application and its dependencies and finally you set your Cloud provider or private server target for deployment. We take care of the rest—it’s that easy.

Node Frameworks

Lightweight and operationally efficient Cloud 66 supports these frameworks

  • Express
  • Meteor
  • Horizon
  • Mean
  • Keystone
  • Mean
  • Restify
  • Hapi

Data services

Automatic detection of used databases in your source code followed by one-click build and configuration of databases on your own servers. Compatible with popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and ElasticSearch.

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • Memcached

  • ElasticSearch


Cloud 66 connects to your git repository to read and analyze your application source code. Deployments happen using the same code repository, making code and infrastructure consistent. No more Chef, no more migration scripts.

Code Consistency Everything from the same code repository where consistency between code and infrastructure is ensured. No more Chef, no more migration scripts.

Connectivity Management

You can manage and monitor firewalls, IP address changes and environment variables on all servers to ensure connectivity between web and database servers is established at all times.

Monitoring A server and container monitoring system to watch vital signs on servers and containers and produce alerts.

Brute-force protection Cloud 66 deploys and dynamically configures brute-force protection on all deployed servers to stop brute-force SSH attacks.

Deployment Engine

Builds and configure the components used by your application on your own private servers or on any Cloud. We offer native integration with all major providers including.

  • AWS

  • Google

  • MS Azure

  • DigitalOcean

  • Rackspace

  • Linode

  • Packet

  • CloudA

Security and ACL

Provisioning, management and monitoring of firewalls, brute force login attempts and user access permissions to all servers for your team members.

Automatic Updates

With built-in monitoring, we keep an eye on the OS and infrastructure components of your stack to let you know when things look suspect or when upgrades are needed.

Scale efficiently

Dedicated background servers or those shared with your Web Servers power all background jobs. Easy to scale vertically or horizontally, manage the workers' lifecycle and pin or move the workers to specific servers.

Load Balancing

Web traffic is balanced through load balancers native to your cloud provider of choice or HAProxy, automatically configured and managed.

  • AWS

    Elastic Load Balancer
  • Rackspace

    Cloud Load Balancer
  • Linode

    Node Balancer
  • HAProxy

    High Availability Proxy

Making DevOps accessible

Until now, Node has historically lacked a reliable deployment solution. We’ve made DevOps practices accessible to help broaden the scope of what you can achieve with your application stack, without adding any extra complexity.

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