On-premises Solution

Cloud 66 Enterprise is an on-premises solution to build, run, manage and maintain containers in production on any infrastructure.

Compatible with private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure setups, Cloud 66 Enterprise can be deployed on as few as 2 servers of your own infrastructure. Each group of services provided by the system can be scaled independently, depending on your workload requirements and use cases.

By sharing the same infrastructure and security identity, container deployments achieve consistency across all internal teams.


Cloud 66 Enterprise automates all the heavy lifting required to containerize your business applications

Fully tested and production-ready

Enabling you to build, run and maintain containers

Seamlessly Integrated Components

Working together to deploy production-ready containers

Integrated Toolkit and APIs

Devs and Ops co-manage container infrastructure

Complete Mission Control

Web UI to operate, monitor and update applications

Flexible Deployments

Use your own servers, cloud provider or data center

Operational Agility

Greater efficiency from better infrastructure utilization


From role-based access control, to the highest levels of network monitoring and security,
our on-premises solution has built-in management tools for even the most demanding workflows

Supports Existing Infrastructures

The flexibility to deploy on any public, private or hybrid cloud including

  • AWS

  • Google

  • MS Azure

  • DigitalOcean

  • Rackspace

  • Linode

  • Packet

  • CloudA


Enterprise-ready command centre for managing, monitoring and updating operations

MissionControl Dashboard

CRM console for managing customer interactions, billings and analysis of usage data


Management tools for the setup and control of all your infrastructure components


One-stop shop for managing all integrated components of your technical setup.


An automated build process workflow for creating container images continuously.


Aggregated metrics from every registered server used to deploy and manage apps.


Monitored replication across your servers, data centers or registered cloud providers.


Key metrics logged in real-time for all running services, servers and apps.


Cloud Provider registry with real-time network alerts of public cloud health status.

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