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An integrated toolkit for app deployment

Feature Rails Docker
ActiveProtect Cloud 66 monitors and improves deployments at the network, OS & container levels, and notifies you of any security issues. Yes Yes
Audit Logs Records any activity - whether from the web UI or the API client (like the Toolbelt), performed by any of your team members in your account. Yes Yes
Backup & Replication Single click, monitored replication across stacks, data centers or clouds. Databases are backed-up onsite and offsite, with verified backups. Yes Yes
BuildGrid When building a Docker stack, you can create your Docker images and Dockerfile using our powerful cluster of servers called BuildGrid. Yes
Command Line API The option of a simple UI, to use a flexible and extremely powerful command line and API for more complex workloads and applications. Yes Yes
ContainerNet A secure, multi data centers network and DNS service across all your containers, integrated into the Deployment Engine for service discovery. Yes
Databases MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and ElasticSearch are automatically built and configured based on application needs. Yes Yes
Delphi A DNS framework automatically deployed to servers to allow any container to automatically resolve the address of any other service running on the same/different servers. Yes
Deploy Hooks Allows you to automatically run custom scripts against your servers during deployment. Yes Yes
Deploy Engine Roll-out containers to your servers automatically with full control. Straight from git to containers with full visibility on every step. Yes Yes
Failover Groups Clone your application and database, and switch traffic with a single click or API call to a new stack, data center or cloud. Yes Yes
Firewall Automatic rules created based on the behaviors of your application, and leased connections for SSH. Yes Yes
Habitus Stand-alone, command line tool to build Docker images based on their Dockerfile and a build.yml in a predictable and reproducible workflow. Yes
Health Checks Conduct inbound and outbound health checks to automatically determine if newly deployed apps or containers are healthy for zero down-time. Yes Yes
LiveLogs Real-time web and console based logs are available across all running services, servers and containers with filtering, search and color coding. Yes Yes
LoadBalancer Web and inter-container traffic balanced through load balancers native to your cloud provider or HAProxy, automatically configured and managed. Yes Yes
Monitoring All servers, services and containers are monitored in realtime with alerts delivered to your favorite notification system. Yes Yes
Redeploy Hooks Allows you to achieve continuous deployment by deploying your stack following a change to your Git repository or have a CI push success. Yes Yes
StackScore Consisting of 5 key metrics graded from A to F, StackScore indicates how reliable, resilient and performant your application is when deployed on your servers. Yes Yes
Starter Stand-alone Dockerfile generator for existing non-docker apps, it generates a Dockerfile and Service.yml that can be used to deploy immediately to Cloud 66. Yes
Storage Managed storage (NAS) built on your servers, accessible from all containers with fine grained access control (ACL) at the service level. Yes
Tags The ability to tag different parts of your application to facilitate easy look-ups at a later stage. Yes Yes
Team Access Control Control granular and time based access to servers and services for each member of your team with automatic provisioning for new resources. Yes Yes
Toolbelt Allows you to interact with Cloud 66 from the comfort of your command line, available for Linux, Mac and Windows. Yes Yes

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