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Outreach Digital — London 

Join Daniel at the Outreach Digital Meetup to find out more about his Docker 101 talk — App development, and running containers in production.

July 2016

Codeship Webinar

Join the Codeship and Cloud 66 webinar, where we’ll be talking about How to Build, Test and Deploy Docker Images when Running Microservices in Production. Join Codeship co-founder Manuel Weiss and Cloud 66 developer evangelist Daniel as they cover the considerations needed when creating a microservices architecture…

June 2016

DevOpsDays Amsterdam

Meet with Daniel and hear his talk on Thursday 30th June about moving container-based application from development to production at scale.

June 2016

Skills Matter Codenode: How the hell do I run my containers in production, and will it scale?

Let's assume you’ve already had every Docker 101 tutorial for breakfast. You’re now ready to take that brilliantly crafted application into production. But wait... first you need to test your container-based microservices architecture. What does the whole workflow look like? What about performance and security? And last but not least; How the hell do I run my microservices in production, and will it scale?

June 2016

Shift 2016: The Cost of Free

Shift is the biggest Developer event in Southeast Europe. This event Shift 2016, fifth in a row, will bring together more than 1000 attendees. Traditionally, Shift consists of two parts: Shift Hackathon, the developer competition, and the Shift Developer Conference…

June 2016

Containers 101 & Simplifying Workflows with Docker Compose & Habitus

Building a real world application in containers takes much more than just following simple ADD and RUN steps. You need to build apps with compile time libraries, alongside all the other development package and dependencies. This can increase image size and the attack surface of your service. One of the solutions is having a complex build dependency tree to run independent steps in parallel. Habitus — an open source Docker build flow tool, compiles your app in one container with compile-time dependencies, and then moves the compiled build artifacts to a smaller image with only the minimum required packaged needed to run it…

May 2016 | Boston Amazon Web Services

How do I use Docker Containers in production?

Let Daniël guide you through the world of container-based development and running microservice architectures at scale. By viewing the webinar, you’ll gain insight into how to bootstrap and dive straight into learning what your DevOps workflow should look like when using containers…

May 2016

Using Docker in Production for your Web Apps

This is a recording of a Docker 101 workshop hosted by Cloud 66 CEO Khash Sajadi and Thomas Murphy from DigitalOcean on February 16, 2016 in New York. An introduction to Starter — The easiest way to port your projects into containers

Feb 2016

Configuration management tools seek foothold in containers

Configuration management tools seek foothold in containers. Some IT pros argue container management supplants the need for configuration management tools like Puppet and Chef, while others say there's room for both…

20 May 2016 | TechTarget

Cloud 66: Trailblazing DevOps As a Service

Cloud66, a DevOps-as-a-Service provider, allows amazingly simple infrastructure deployment, scaling, and repeatability on services such as Digital Ocean, AWS, Bare Metal, Rackspace, Google Cloud, Linode, and others…

22 Oct, 2015 | Hosting Advice

Cloud 66 lays down polyglot route to hybrid cloud and containers

The vendor is laying down a route to clouds and containers with a hosted offering that supports a broad range of clouds for customers. Cloud 66's managed container infrastructure based on organizations' own servers in development or production may help the company differentiate itself…

5 Oct 2015 | 451 Research

Cloud 66 positions itself as the Main Street for simplified DevOps

While Puppet, Chef and other configuration-management tools have caught on with developers and operations people to ensure software updates run smoothly, Cloud 66 believes not every application needs complicated configurations during deployment in public clouds. The startup has developed an easy way to launch and configure Ruby on Rails applications, abstracting away the hard work, in a way that’s similar to a Platform as a Service (PaaS)…

9 Aug, 2013 | Gigaom