Cloud 66 connects to your git repository, reads and analyzes your application source code and builds and configures the components that are used in your application on your own servers on any cloud.

Code Consistency Everything from the same code repository where consistency between code and infrastructure is ensured. No more Chef, no more migration scripts.

Use Docker? Bring your own Docker images or let Cloud 66 automatically build them straight from your Dockerfiles with BuildGrid.

Web Servers

Roll out your Docker containers to all of your servers and manage their lifecycle with graceful shutdown, traffic draining and seamless switch-over. All web traffic to the containers is distributed with local Nginx deployments and can be accessible to the public on your selected ports on HTTP or HTTPS.

Scaling You can scale your servers vertically (larger servers) or horizontally (more containers or servers) seamlessly from the same code-base.

Background Servers

Dedicated background servers or shared ones with your Web Servers power all the background jobs you might have. Scale them vertically or horizontally, manage the workers' lifecycle (draining, graceful or forceful shutdowns and job rollovers) and pin or move the workers to specific servers.

CX Toolbelt

A command line tool to help you manage your entire application stack.

Terminal — Cloud 66 Toolbelt
Welcome to Cloud 66 Toolbelt

Managed DB on your server

Automatic detection of used databases in the source code followed by building and configuration of databases on your own servers. Manage and monitor firewalls, IP address changes and environment variables on all servers to ensure connectivity between web / background servers and your DB servers.

DB optimization Databases are configured and optimized for specific VM types of different cloud providers.

Keep your data safe Automatic offsite backups, cross data center replication and controlled DB restores all with unbelievable simplicity.

Single click replication

Master / Slave replication for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis and MongoDB with a single click. Replication monitoring for data integrity, even across multiple data centers.

DB Support

Automatic provisioning and management of MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis and ElasticSearch as well as middlewares like RabbitMQ.

  • MySQL

  • PostgreSQL

  • MongoDB

  • Redis

  • Memcached

  • ElasticSearch


Server level firewall with web management UI. Automatic and dynamic configuration of firewalls based on the changes that occur in the application or other servers of the stack.

Monitoring As well as automatic configuration, all servers are actively monitored for unwanted firewall changes to protect your servers from unwanted access.

Brute-force protection Cloud 66 deploys and dynamically configures brute-force protection on all deployed servers to stop brute-force SSH attacks.

Automatic Updates

Automatic OS level security monitoring and patching as soon as fixes are available.

Multi Cloud

No lock-in, no proprietary code. Configure each component based on the cloud provider it runs on.

  • AWS

    Elastic Load Balancer
  • Rackspace

    Cloud Load Balancer
  • Linode

    Node Balancer
  • HAProxy

    High Availability Proxy

Container Life Cycle

Flexible application lifecycle management: graceful and forceful shutdowns, load and traffic draining and switchover as well as version control for all your Docker containers on all of your server.

BuildGrid A cluster of powerful servers hosted by Cloud 66 to build Docker images from your source code so you can easily benefit from continuous deployment.

Container Network All containers in your stack are connected together through a private and secure network managed and monitored by Cloud 66.


High availability DNS server hosted by Cloud 66. Automatic registeration and unregisteration of containers on each deployment to allow running micro services and service discovery.

Discovery DNS Every container, service and load balancer is registered with a local DNS to allow service discovery without code change.


Vital metrics monitoring across all servers deployed with Cloud 66.

CPU, Disk, Memory and More As well as monitoring vital signs, all web endpoints of your stack are also monitored.


Share access to your stacks with your team members. Granular privileges for deployment, scaling and SSH shell access to servers with individually controlled Linux users per user and per server.

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