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For us, it’s about adding value. We’re very much about how we can build something useful, build something that helps developers. As opposed to being marketing or sales-focused, we’re very product-focused because that’s what defines our culture. It’s a very engineering-based culture and organization.

Alex Tharp Khash Sajadi, Cofounder & CEO

Frustrated by the app deployment tools and infrastructure options available in the market, we wanted to find our own solution to simplifying DevOps.

In 2011, we combined our knowledge of software development and experience managing large-scale systems for CIBC, Lehman Brothers and Lloyds to setup Cloud 66.

Today, the founding principles behind Cloud 66 remain the same: to make app deployment easy by building flexible tools for developers that just work.

We could attempt to impress you with stats and all the awesome things we’ve achieved, but they’re just vanity metrics. Instead, we like to let the product do the talking.

It’s really easy to get started with our free trial. Try it out, and let us know what you think.

With technology evolving so quickly, I love it that we can consistently solve real pain-points for our customers. Having a strong team environment where everyone shares a willingness to act collaboratively is very important to me. It allows us to accomplish and achieve much, much more than just the sum of our parts

Alex Tharp Vic Van Gool, Cofounder & CTO

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We’re a Techstars company, backed by exceptional investors from across
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